The policy of the company Paggela Mills S.A. is to listen to the customer and by understanding their needs to correspond to them and ensure the highest level of their confidence by delivering products that satisfy completely the requirements of the current consumer and legislation.

The company is therefore committed and always concentrated on the disposal of products that comply with the standards, regulations, provisions pertaining to them are suitable for for the intended use.

The operating guidelines of Paggela Mills S.A. are the quality and safety that should be guaranteed to the customer at all levels of standards .(quality ,financial ,immediacy in executing the orders) .To achieve that ,all the activities of the company must be properly designed and controlled.

The objectives around which there is a continuous and systematic effort in the company include improving the level of customer confidence, sound and consistent availability of products, safety of products provided and reduction of consumers' complaints

The administration sector of Paggelas Mills S.A. undertakes to provide the necessary resources for implementation and effective operation of the SYSTEM OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT & FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (HACCP) HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS

The three pillars of this Quality Policy-Safety are compliance with the quality management system and food safety system, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. It is duty and offer of all our staff to Paggelas Mills S.A.